Problem Gambling? | Responsible Gambling.

Here, provides several resources for those dealing with problem gambling or that are interested in responsible gambling.

Questionnaire About Your Gambling Activity

  1. Are your gambling activities harming your work life?
  2. Have your family and friends argued with you about the amount of gambling you are doing?
  3. Are you referred to as a gambler in your circles or have a reputation for being a gambler?
  4. Is the guilt of losing when gambling overwhelming?
  5. Do you try to play catch up when you lose at gambling?
  6. Are you focused on gambling as your main source of ‘winning’?
  7. Have you taken out a loan for gambling activities?
  8. When you win while gambling, does it push you to continue to win more?
  9. Would you ever sell something with sentimental value to fund your gambling activity?
  10. Is the thrill of gambling override your other responsibilities?
  11. Do you ignore time limits that you set for the amount of gambling you participate in?
  12. Is gambling a stress reliever?
  13. Have you ever considered illegal activity to fund your gambling?
  14. Does gambling cause you stress?

If you have answered yes to more than seven of the above questions, then you may consider contacting any of the resources on problem gambling below:

This is a support service that can aide in the assitance of both children with problem gambling and or children with family members that are problem gamblers.
This is a Christian organization that assists Chinese speaking problem gamblers to assiste them in combating their addiction and begin the recovery process. The core recovery and support system is based in the teachings of Christianity and includes help for the problem gambler, their friends and family. The service provide financial advice, group counselling and other support services. This organization is registered under the number 1083061.
Citizens Advice is a popular UK program that offers assistance to citizens with financial questions and other legal issues.
This is a network of counsellor support for those that require assistance from counselling but require assistance in locating said counsellors in their area.
This program assists both adults and children to battle problem gambling. They are advocates of self-exclusion from gambling activities and promote other social issue repsonsibility.
This is a free service charity in the UK that gives advice to those inquiring about debt and debt relief. 0800 058 0226
This Trust is registered under the number SC041902. The organization gives access to advisors on debt and provide solutions to recovering from debt. 0121 233 1335
"This is a popular support group that deals with problem gambling. It is a collection
of people that have been personally affected by the issues surrounding problem gambling or the
addiction itself." 02073 843040
In the United States:
Gamblers Anonymous is the leading support organization for those battling problem gambling in the United States and Globally.
A website that promotes responsible gambling and supports gamblers with information regarding self assessment for problem gambling.
This is a self-exculsion software that blocks the ability to visit gambling sites and online casinos. 0808 8020133
This charity assists problem gamblers and their families to recovery from the issues surrounding the addiction. Counsellors are available via chat online and via email. There is also a support forum available. The organization is not for profit.
The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) is an organization that devotes its research to spreading awareness and understanding of responsible gambling as well as in the availability of treatment and support for problem gambling

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